Abreuvoir - Aude - Les Pyrénées

Your holiday home in the sun!


​This area is perfect for day trips to the Cathar Castles and picturesque villages. For trips to the coast, a wildlife park, the medieval citadel of Carcassonne, or one of the famous caves. For strolls along gentle becks, waterfalls or the calm Canal du Midi with its locks. For a day of leisure at one of the mountain lakes or for mountainbiking or horseback trips…

There is something for everyone here and the unique thing is, that it is all within your reach. The sun, the wine, the Occitan hospitality and wonderful cuisine are pleasant extra’s.

Come and discover the land where the Knights Templar wanted to settle down and where legend upon legend originated. Climb one of the Cathar Castles for a sublime view, enjoy a sorbet on a sunny terrace in picturesque Minerve or settle in the sand of Narbonne Plage (beach) for a day, where the sand slowly descents into the Mediterranean.

Solve the enigma of the Templars in Rennes-le-Chateau or go for a pleasant walk through the unspoilt natural beauty of the National Park de Haute Languedoc.

It is all possible here, in one holiday!

Golf courses

If golf is a big passion of yours, then it is of course very nice to also practice this hobby during a holiday. The diversity of the courses, the beautiful surroundings with views of the mountains or the sea makes it very attractive for golf lovers to practice their sport here in the Aude and surroundings…

Animal parks

There are many animal parks in the Aude that you can visit, each with their own characteristics.
Whether it is a safari park or a butterfly garden, everyone can enjoy themselves here when it comes to animals. Reserve Africaine de Sigean is a unique experience, because you can drive through the area by car. During the ride you can encounter lions, bears, rhinos and zebras…

Winter sports

The ski resorts of Andorra are quite large and are therefore excellent destinations for a whole week of winter sports. The largest ski area in the Pyrenees is Grandvalira with no less than 210 km of slopes. The peaks are also high in most ski areas, around 2600 meters, making the Pyrenees surprisingly snow-sure. Andorra is the most important part of the Pyrenees for winter sports…

VTT, Mountain biking & Cycling

Pleasant, relaxed bike rides on climbing free paths or physically demanding rides on narrow, winding ascending paths, the region in and around the Aude, has all the right ingredients for a great cycling holiday. On many excellent long-distance cycle paths and numerous short tours you can see castles, forts, caves and gorges, vineyards of famous wines and enjoy delicious dishes…


Whether it is a pleasant, relaxing walk on climbing-free paths or a physically demanding tour on narrow, winding, ascending paths: the region around Aude has all the right ingredients for a great walking holiday. Castles, forts, caves and gorges and vineyards will not be missing during your walks…

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